Self Assessment of The Risk of Covid-19 Transmission using The Inarisk Personal Application

Ani Sutriningsih, Vita Maryah Ardiyani, Mia Andinawati


One way to break the chain of spread of Covid-19 is through the InaRISK application. Knowledge of nursing students about this application is still low. BNPB entered Covid-19 into the InaRISK application at April 2020. Its function is to find out how the state of the area around us, whether it is included in the yellow, red or green zone. In addition, the community can conduct an independent assessment regarding the need or not to conduct a rapid test through the InaRISK application. The purpose of this activity is to provide counseling about InaRISK Personal application and measure the risk of Covid-19 of students. The method used was by giving counselling about InaRISK Personal application through lectures to 36 students at Faculty of Health Sciences. The results of the self-assessment show based on the statement of potential for infection outside the home, most participants (88.9%) touched objects/money that were also touched by other people. Based on the statement of potential for infection in the house, most participants (86.1%) did not install hand sanitizer in front of the entrance, to clean their hands before holding the handle (handle at the house entrance). Based on the statement of endurance (immunity) all participants(100%)  are under 60 years old and almost all participants (94.4%)  do not have diseases: heart/diabetes/chronic respiratory disorders.The risk of participants being exposed to Covid-19 based on the InaRISK Personal application, almost half of participants (44.4%) are in the low risk category.Based on the measurement results, it can be concluded that the potential risk of Covid-19 transmission using the InaRISK Personal self-assessment on students has a low risk of 44.4%.Suggestions for the campus are expected to hold counseling programs or health promotions on a regular basis to provide information so that it can increase student knowledge


covid-19, InaRISK, risk, self-assessment

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